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Testimonial Grid

Challengee   ☁︎  Development  ☁︎  2022


To build out the given testimonials grid section and get it looking as close to the design as possible. The coded site should be responsive and provide the optimal layout for the site depending on users' device's screen size. This challenge is from Frontend Mentor

VSCode Screenshot-Grids.png


When I started this challenge I immediately created a new repository and copied the challenge files. After reviewing the designs, I first created the site's structure with Semantic HTML5 markup. I then built the initial CSS styling such as color, fonts, and images. I utilized a live port and Chrome's inspect tool to further style for mobile screen-sizes. This is when I initially added the grid layout so that it would already be in place for me when I moved to the desktop view. Once satisfied with the layout on mobile screens, I switched my view to desktop and created a media query to style the given grid layout. Lastly I checked for inconsistencies and errors and deployed my site to GitHub Pages.

Desktop View w border.png
Mobile View w border.png








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